What To Carry On The Piste

  • A good quality back pack that fits well with easy access to the different pockets.
  • Put your travel insurance docs in a safe place in your back pack or jacket pocket. If you get taken off the hill they will want to see that you are covered.
  • High SPF sun cream with lip balm
  • Water is essential. The best way is with a Camelbak or equivalent hydration system so you don’t need to flaff around on the lift getting to your water bottle
  • Mars bars or Sneakers for extra energy when you are flagging
  • Buff for when the weather comes in. A cap/woolly hat for when you stop and take your helmet off for coffee/beers. Cotton hanky for any runny noses!


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  • If wearing your sunglasses then pack your goggles and vice versa as you never know how the weather will turn.
  • Lift pass and piste map in your pocket and a compass in the bag
  • Pain killers especially ibuprofen are handy for swollen knees or hangover headaches



Girl on ski rails
Meribel Snow Park

  • A toolkit to fix bindings on the go. Something like the mountaineer Swiss army knife or a Leatherman
  • A thermal blanket takes up no space and is essential in an emergency
  • An emergency whistle can be tied onto a back pack and again is essential if you need help.
  • A head torch is handy if you stay in the Rond Point too long and need to ski back to the chalet in the dark!
  • Spare gloves, fleece, Calpol and sweeties for children.





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