Getting to Meribel and the Alps

As we are living in a different world this season from previous seasons many of us will be looking at different ways to get out to the Alps this Winter. 

Flying to Meribel

Flying is of course most peoples number one choice. Many of the chalet tour operators have agreements in place with specific airlines so can offer a full package including flights, transfers and chalet board. If you find an accommodation that does not have travel included then we can assist in booking your flights direct with the airline. If you want to make your own way out then there are many regional airports to choose from the fly into Geneva, Chambery, Lyons and Grenoble. These are the main airport choices for getting to Meribel. Have a look at the flights page for full details on which airlines fly from which airports. 


The train is a fabulous option and conjures up romantic images of travelling through Europe to the mountains. Unfortunately the Eurosar snowtrain has been cancelled this year. However, it is still possible to travel by taking the Eurostar to Paris from London then the SNCF onto Moutiers. Why not stop overnight in Paris and make a night of it? Check out the train page for full details.  


The ferry is a popular option as an alternative to flying. Pack your car in your driveway then head down to Dover or Portsmouth. Take a break while you cross the channel then it is a nice easy drive on the motorways to Meribel. Check out the ferry page for operators and options.

Self Drive

Many people are deciding to drive out to the Three Valleys so that they do not need to queue in airports or travel by plane. This is a good choice as you can pack as much as you want and have the flexibility to extend your stay by stopping off on the way out and the way home. Check out the self drive page for full details.  

Top Tips for Driving to Meribel

  • Be aware of the latest government advice on travel in France 
  • Make sure your washer fluid is full and at the right mix for freezing levels.
  • Check tyre pressures, and oil before setting off
  • Pack a pair of jump leads
  • Make sure that you have plenty of snacks and water to go around.
  • Bring wet wipes for sticky hands and wiping the car spills
  • Every time you stop for fuel make sure that everyone goes to the loo.
  • Watch out for mobile speed cameras
  • Pack a shovel in case you need to dig yourself out
  • Park facing downhill with your tyres facing the kerb
  • Leave the car in gear with the handbrake off if lots of snow is forecast
  • Lots of good tunes for the journey!
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Ski Weekends in Meribel

  • Good Conditions in the 3 Valleys

    Snow has fallen a few times over the last couple of weeks resulting in some good piste conditions throughout the 3 Valleys, There is a bit more snow forecast in the next few weekends mixed wth sunn... read more