Ferry to the Alps

Another way to get to Meribel is to take the ferry. Pack your car in your driveway then you have everything that you need and can pack extra without worrying about weight restrictions etc. Take the ferry or Eurotunnel across the channel then enjoy the drive through France. The actual drive from Calais and through France is easy as the roads are wide and well signposted. The motorway takes you through Reims and Dijon to Moutiers then the only small road that you have to take is the windy road from Moutiers up to Meribel. It usually takes about 8/8.5hrs and is a good choice if you live in the South East of England. The motorways are toll roads which are easy to use. They give you a ticket at the start of the toll and when you leave you pay. Payment is by cash or card. Expect to pay about 80 Euros in tolls each direction.

Driving to the Alps

If you drive out most of the chalets have a parking space or parking nearby. There is plenty of public parking available in Meribel where you can leave your car for the week.  The public car park has a 7 day pass at 75 Euros where you can leave the car park but keep your parking space over a 7 day period 


P&O Ferries Dover to Calais and Hull/Zebrugge

DFDS Ferries Dover to Calais and Dover/Dunkirk

Norfolk Line  Dover to Calais, Dover/Dunkirk/Newhaven/Dieppe

Brittany Ferries Portsmouth to Le Havre, Caen and Cherbourg

Condor Ferries Portsmouth to Cherbourg


Eurotunnel www.eurotunnel.com

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Ski Weekends in Meribel

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