Lift Pass FAQ's

Can you get a group discount on lift passes?

For groups or families of 3 or over there is the TRIBU pass. This is 340 Euro for a 6 day 3 valley pass instead of 360 Euro

Which lift pass option should I go for?

If you are a group of 3 or more then the TRIBU pass above will be best. If you are a family of 2 adults and 2 or more children under 18yrs then the family pass will be best.  If you are a beginner skier then the local area pass will suffice. However, if you are intermediate or above then the full 3 valley pass is the best option.


How do I pre book lift passes?

You can go online and pre book your lift passes. These can either be posted out to you so that you have it ready in your pocket for your first day skiing. Alternatively, you can pick it up at the lift pass office in resort.  Insert link


Do you still need a passport photo for the pass?

No, passes are hands free now.


Do children in ski school need a pass?

Children aged 5 years and older will need a lift pass.


Are there any free ski lifts?

Meribel: Loupiot, Cotes drag lift, Altiport drag and Fontany telecord.

Mottaret: Le Doron draglift, Ourson Telecorde and Chalets gondola

Check out the Lift Pass Ski Deals page for full prices and special offers.

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