Train to Meribel


The train is a fabulous option as there are no long queues, early check in or sore ears from flying! It is possible to book with Eurostar from St Pancras to Moutiers where you will travel at 186mph and arrive ready to ski in the Alps. The transfer from Moutiers is a quick hop up to Meribel and the rest of the 3 valley resorts.


There are two train options:


Overnight Eurostar

The first option is to board the train on the Friday night after work and travel over night so that you arrive fresh and ready to ski on the Saturday morning. The return train is the following Saturday evening so you actually get 2 extra days in resort as you can ski on the day you arrive and depart beating the crowds that are flying!


Eurostar Day Service

The second option is to take the direct day service which runs Saturday to Saturday. On this service you will get to take in the French countryside as you travel through the country and up to the mountains. You will arrive up in resort in perfect time for a glass of local Savoie wine and your first delicious evening meal of the week.


Another advantage of taking the train is that you can take more with you compared to flying. You are allowed 2 x medium sized cases (max of 85cm in length) plus hand luggage PLUS one extra item such as a snowboard/ski bag.


Standard Premier class will give you a meal on either the day or overnight train. For those on the standard seats then there is a bar-buffet that you can buy light snacks and hearty meals from. The bar is open till midnight.


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Group Ski Holidays

  • Summer Lifts Opening

    News from Meribel is that they plan on opening for the Summer on the 27th June through to the 20th September. The lifts will open from the 4th July through to the 28th August. This is all dependent on... read more