Train to Meribel


The train is a fabulous option as there are no long queues, early check in or sore ears from flying! Unfortunately the snowtrain will not be running for 2020/2021 season due to Corona Virus and the challenging travel market that has been left in its wake. Please see the statement from Eurostar

There are alternatives:

it will be possible to book an indirect trip to the Alps on the Eurostar website from October. This involves taking a Eurostar train to France and changing onto an SNCF train for the remainder of the journey to Moutiers. 

As Eurostar is a member of Railteam travellers will be able to benefit from the 'Hop on the next available train' feature should they encounter any delays or cancellations. This provides peace of mind when travelling. 

Another advantage of taking the train is that you can take more with you compared to flying. Yet another benefit is that you can take the Eurostar to Paris on the Friday night and have a night experiencing the delights of the city of lights and love. 


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